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Juan and Patti’s Wedding Day

It was a storybook atmosphere.  The day started out gray, with wind that chilled those outdoors to the bone.  A storm had blown through the night before that brought with it clouds that blanketed the sky.  At first sight things looked bleak for an outdoor ceremony. The mood indoors, however, was one of excitement and optimism. […]

Juan and Patti’s Bridal Shower

We had a fantastic time watching family and friends celebrate the upcoming wedding of Patti and Juan.  The beautiful afternoon gave way to an exciting evening of fun, games, music, and dancing.  It was a pleasure for us to be present to capture the smiles and memories that make moments like these special.

Partners of the Americas 50th Anniversary Gala

An evening spent honoring the hardworking volunteers and organizers of the Partners of the Americas.  It was inspiring to be among so many devoted and motivated people.  I know everyone is looking forward to another 50 years of dedication and successful endeavors.

Impact Boot Camp – San Antonio, Tx

I had a great time hanging out with the group at Impact Boot Camp.  The instructors were awesome.  In the Texas summer heat physical activity can be a matter of wishful thinking but the instructors kept everyone motivated and striving to better themselves.  This is a great team to be with if your looking to […]

Something to launch things off.

A shot of Christmas in downtown San Antonio.