Juan and Patti’s Wedding Day

It was a storybook atmosphere.  The day started out gray, with wind that chilled those outdoors to the bone.  A storm had blown through the night before that brought with it clouds that blanketed the sky.  At first sight things looked bleak for an outdoor ceremony.

The mood indoors, however, was one of excitement and optimism.  As the hours passed, the sun began to break through the somber sky.  The ceremony, therefore, was basked in radiant sunlight.  It was a picturesque setting for two families to be brought together.

The day slowly faded into a night full of celebration.  Juan and Patricia wore smiles that would not fade and their guests celebrated their marriage with laughter and exuberance.

Thank you Juan and Patricia for sharing your day with us and helping us to capture such wonderful moments.  Congratulations!!


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